Discover our event heart

Welcome to our grounds overview - your virtual tour through the heart of our event world. Here you will get a detailed insight into our impressive event grounds and the numerous possibilities they offer for your events. Discover our diverse halls, modern conference rooms, first-class service facilities and much more. Immerse yourself and be inspired by the diverse perspectives and impressions our grounds have to offer you.

Here you will find:

  • a compact ensemble on a 300 m x 750 m footprint
  • at least one entrance possibility from each cardinal direction
  • halls located at a maximum distance of 200 m from the main entrance
  • hall crossings that are enclosed throughout
  • no "ghost town" in the event of partial occupancy
  • directly adjoining congress and conference rooms
  • 61,000 sqm of outdoor space in the immediate vicinity of the halls
  • customized occupancy on almost 60,000 sqm

Parking spaces and open areas

There are 3,300 parking spaces marked with an "A" in the immediate vicinity of the halls. In the immediate vicinity of the nine halls, there are a further 6,000 parking spaces (marked "C" to "F").

Even if several events are held on our grounds or in the immediate vicinity, there will be no parking bottlenecks.

Exhibition halls

Messe Dortmund has nine air-conditioned exhibition halls with floor areas between 1,800 and 10,000 square meters: a total of around 60,000 square meters of gross floor area. Below you will find an overview map.